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    Chapter 1685 – Mister, what does death feel like? grain amazing

    Then, two wonderful bronze gateways shown up looking at his vision.

    This gift item seemed to are already modify-intended for him. On this ‘Learning G.o.d System’, even an idiot like him could grasp the ‘basic fist technique’ detailed.

    [Start of technique decompression: 1Per cent… 11Per cent… 30Per cent… 70%… 100%.]


    Scarlet Pupil earnestly replied, “I don’t know, but for a little bit, I would often dream of moments in which I used to be intending to pass on. From time to time, I would autumn with a significant alt.i.tude… In some cases, I found myself pierced with a spear… Often, I would personally come across a cruel bad beast that would nibble me to loss of life. Having said that, I don’t understand what it feels like to pass away. As a result, I would personally at times consider this concern.”

    This kind of question was strange from the fresh son.

    An Ethnologist’s View of History

    This present appeared to have been personalize-created for him. With this ‘Learning G.o.d System’, even an idiot like him could expert the ‘basic fist technique’ comprehensive.

    Melody Shuhang calmly stated, “Don’t be concerned, that’s purely the whole process of the ‘Super Learning G.o.d System’ getting installed. As soon as the installation is finished, it has to move to the expressions of the Dark-colored Dragon Community.”

    “Eh? Why are you suddenly wondering me this?” Piece of music Shuhang searched down at Scarlet Pupil.

    “Mister, how would you actually feel about my apply these days?” Scarlet Pupil reported happily—he believed which he really should have somewhat advanced, in reference to his motions becoming a tiny simpler than last night.

    Scarlet Pupil was somewhat hesitant. “Mister, are you presently leaving behind?”

    Lyre and Lancet

    Great things must be distributed to other individuals.

    “Choose the ‘Yes’ selection.” The sides of Song Shuhang’s jaws curled up.

    Scarlet Heaven Sword aimed to do an a.n.a.lysis, and stated, “This child could have been under excessive demands and impact the truth is, so he couldn’t aid but imagine things like these. Strong within his subconscious, he might have looked at searching for fatality. The good thing is, he is an easy idiot, and didn’t believe deeper.”

    Scarlet Pupil observed this, and simply let out a inhale of pain relief.

    “…” Piece of music Shuhang.

    Accomplishes this Mister truly understand of my sibling Black Pupil? Scarlet Pupil possessed this type of idea within his imagination.

    Song Shuhang smiled a little. “Young just one, you’ve questioned the correct particular person. In relation to having to deal with passing away, not any of my peers is aware more information on this than me!”

    A little time ago, Older person Turtle suddenly found itself considering thoughts and using a liking to wondering how many other individuals experienced planned. Thus it ended up that this was actually examining ‘Psychology’ very seriously…

    “Mister, how can you feel about my exercise nowadays?” Scarlet Pupil explained happily—he observed which he ought to have a bit better, in reference to his activities becoming a little softer than the other day.

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    Scarlet Pupil finally managed to recover even though gasping for breath. This can be the first time he acquired ever skilled such a degree of suffering in their daily life.

    In the sky, Older Scarlet Paradise Sword was already twitching in laughter. If its main body had been there, it is going to surely have just let out relaxing sword cries.

    Scarlet Pupil finally had been able restore though gasping for breathing. This can be to begin with he possessed ever experienced this sort of a degree of suffering in their lifestyle.

    Eh? Is not this the fresh model of Mister? Scarlet Pupil believed to themself.

    Scarlet Pupil was somewhat resistant. “Mister, will you be departing?”

    Piece of music Shuhang claimed, “I’m reluctant that I’d appearance over the age of my dad basically if i did so at this time. So, I do not want to do that.”

    “Mister, how can you actually feel about my exercise now?” Scarlet Pupil mentioned happily—he felt he needs to have slightly improved, regarding his motions like a small more stable than yesterday.

    [Ding dong~ Excellent Studying G.o.d Device is remaining activated.]

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    Scarlet Pupil investigated Mister with determined eye.

    This super man’s facial area was very lifelike, and then he appeared rather familiarized.

    Not too far off.

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    “…” Music Shuhang.

    Good things would have to be given to other folks.