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    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

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    Chapter 2150 – What a Great Fortuitous Encounter! earth bitter

    Though he failed to really know what Ye Yuan encountered inside the Dragon Vision Cave, the potency of his Empyrean Kingdom was actual.

    Sensing the atmosphere on Ye Yuan’s body system, the Dragon Clan’s powerhouses burst open into an uproar at the same time.

    The latest Lu-er’s view were actually stuffed with hatred.

    “Heh heh,

    “Wasn’t it declared that one can’t enhance from the Dragon Eyeball Cave, and also that it’s a hopeless property? How …How managed he increase?�

    Experiencing the aura on Ye Yuan’s entire body, the Dragon Clan’s powerhouses burst into an uproar all at once.

    A bunch of ants, do you really feel that this Emperor can’t a single thing for your requirements?�

    Ye Yuan smiled coldly and claimed, “Speaking that, need to i appreciate you for supplying me a fortunate prospect! Or even in your case driving me into your Dragon Eyeball Cave, it will not really be so simple to me to get rid of right through to be an Empyrean!�

    As a result, whether or not their personal injuries were actually extremely severe, in addition they dragged their tired figures and unleashed suicide problems.


    During this very moment, he wished to present himself two tight slaps.

    She definitely created the deal with to have revenge for Ye Yuan.

    “This is just too big counterfeit! Overlook the Dragon Eyes Cave! Even on the Heavenspan Hill, it’s also difficult to kick right through to the Empyrean Kingdom from Seventh Firmament Genuine G.o.d in decade also!�


    Being confined by the Heavenly Dao Oath, he did not dare to successfully offer a killing blow frequently, becoming irritated badly by Lu-er plus the sleep.

    She secretly swore to definitely grow properly after these days, to avenge Young Master.

    Viewing the expression of Lu-er as well as other people, Extended Chi experienced a smug search because he stated,

    In the beginning, listening to Prolonged Chi’s outline of the Dragon Eye Cave, Lu-er presently completely suddenly lost all desire.

    If in a position to acquire their own class, this la.s.s can be quite a great foe down the road.

    Very long Chi grabbed with one fretting hand, an unrivaled area push directly imprisoned everyone.

    When Ning Tianping and also the relaxation saw Ye Yuan, they can not assistance becoming pleasantly impressed.

    Ning Tianping’s eyeballs converted bloodshot from fury and the man roared furiously, “F*cking Lengthy Chi! If you possess the functions, wipe out this father of yours! In any other case, I will damage anyone to shreds one day!�


    Very long Chi grabbed with one fretting hand, an unrivaled website push directly imprisoned anyone.

    You think this Emperor can’t do just about anything for your needs such as this? Right now, this Emperor will secure your divine ocean and imprison you forever in Raindragon Stronghold! I would like to learn how you fellas still wish to have vengeance!� Lengthy Chi claimed having a freezing teeth.

    Lengthy Chi grabbed with one palm, an unrivaled website force directly jailed everybody.

    If there was definitely on that day, it will be problematic.

    She presently manufactured the deal with to adopt vengeance for Ye Yuan.

    “d.a.m.n it! That brat dug a pit to me! Really difficult! I didn’t count on that this Emperor was clever for a lifetime, but I’m actually swindled by a lifeless particular person eventually!�

    Very long Chi launched his oral cavity large, attempting to say one thing, but tend to not speak by any means.

    Prolonged Chi exposed his mouth area extensive, seeking to say anything, but could not chat in anyway.

    Long Chi were built with a disdainful appear as he reported, “Wildly arrogant and unaware! The better you cultivate, a lot more you’ll see the disparity between A fact G.o.ds and Heavenly Emperor! It’s difficult to be able to be this Emperor’s match your entire life!�

    With this very moment, he wanted to provide himself two limited slaps.

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    At this point, Loneswan, Ning Tianping, Yang Fei-er, and Loneswan, were dealt with in our blood everywhere on, already obtaining maintained extremely serious injury.

    Primarily, seeing and hearing Long Chi’s information of the Dragon Eyeball Cave, Lu-er previously completely missing all hope.