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    fiction 《The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage》 – Chapter 1218 – Be My Woman recognise space quote-p2

    Novel – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

    Chapter 1218 – Be My Woman crooked conscious

    “I think that I enjoy the flavor of yourself. Consequently, I plan on enabling you to turn out to be my female. You can actually stay at my area, and I’ll look after your demands, like foods, outfits, and spendings. In addition, I assurance that you won’t regret it.”

    “I feel as if I like the flavor individuals. Therefore, I consider letting you turn into my woman. You can remain at my location, and I’ll handle all your demands, as well as foods, attire, and spendings. Also, I assurance that you really won’t regret it.”

    Retaining her?

    They kept another piece of clothes for Su Wan.

    “But don’t one has another woman you enjoy? How come you carrying this out?”

    Following returning to the hostel….

    “Wow, Su Wan, you’ve hit it loaded. This attire is incredibly expensive.”

    “Be your woman… Precisely what do you suggest?”

    That was particularly if she recalled how she possessed hugged him and begged him previously, pleading him to… save her…

    the beautiful woman in world

    They left the last bit of apparel for Su Wan.

    “This is usually a new style and design that became available two days or weeks back. They merely have a single piece for each of these outfits.”

    With Gu Jingyu’s instructions, the several personnel out of the shop promptly presented many of the most well-known belongings in this season.

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    She easily required it away, smoothed the creases, and wanted to find Gu Jingyu’s cell phone number. However, she recalled that it was out of the question for her to get his variety, and also there won’t many people during the development staff who would have it frequently.

    Su Wan expected, “This… how much can it expense?”

    After returning to the hostel….

    “What do you consider?” He drew in better again, taking a look at her.

    Investigating this encounter that lots of small young ladies would go wild for, Su Wan’s confront purged up.

    When they discovered Su Wan, they immediately felt a little regretful.

    It appeared such as a limited outfit that had been hard for most to take a look decent in. It was simply because this dress was very suitable, plus the individual wouldn’t look good with even smallest little bit of excess fat on their stomach. Another gals weren’t that self-confident in their number and didn’t test it out. They didn’t would like to start looking negative before Gu Jingyu.

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    The whose attire hadn’t been selected received a very high priced current. Then would one whose outfit was preferred get something superior?

    “Huh?” Su Wan speedily said, “There’s merely one little bit of each merchandise on this go shopping. It is suitable for me to remove it rapidly. Normally, your mate wouldn’t have the capacity to use it basically if i have been to obtain it grubby.”

    “Wow, Su Wan, you have hit it wealthy. This dress is really high priced.”

    Su Wan could odor the domineering aroma provided by him. “No. Switch away…”

    “Huh?” Su Wan easily claimed, “There’s one section of each object in this particular go shopping. It is good for me to remove it quickly. If not, your partner wouldn’t manage to put it on when i have been to obtain it messy.”

    Su Wan came up in excess of.

    1218 Be My Women

    Of those amazing garments, it had been actually the instance whereby those that didn’t stick out probably the most were definitely the ideal.

    Each of them had been actresses and didn’t have much modeling encounter. They came out and walked past Gu Jingyu like products, searching a little humorous.

    Everyone else hadn’t observed her initially, nevertheless it was right after Gu Jingyu appeared more than with squinting vision that they also appeared above.

    Su Wan could stink the domineering scent originating from him. “No. Shift away…”

    Su Wan was aware that abundant males saved most women. Even so, Lin Che was a real good person…

    “You can be my woman mate.”

    “No require. Just keeping it on.” He explained.

    When they checked out Su Wan, they fully understood that Gu Jingyu liked her costume.

    It was actually only immediately after Su Wan went out and acquired on the taxi cab she recalled that she was still dressed in the gown that Gu Jingyu purchased.

    To believe it was actually like this…